Plokata u Blatu


In the midst of the western part of island Korcula, 7 km from Vela Luka, it is situated Blato. It is considered as the oldest settlement on the island. It is built in the form of an amphitheatre on several hills. Blato got its name after a karst field known as the Blato’s Field. Till the 1911 Blato’s Field was periodically flooded thus forming a lake, and then was built tunnel and melioration channels which allows water to drain in the sea

A long alley of linden trees called Zlinje stretches through the center of Blato, and gives Blato, indescribable charm, untypical for Mediterranean places. But in Blato, there are many other small streets, and squares built in old traditional Mediterranean style, like “Blatska Plokata” – main square with Church of All Saints and church-tower. Near that square is sanctuary of the Mary of the Risen Christ Petkovic, a servant of God, and monastery of Daughters of Mercy.


Every summer in Blato there is Blato’s summer. It is cultural, sports, and entertaining program. In the official site of municipal Blato, you can check program of Blato’s summer and other information about Blato. Also you can see traditional dance with swords call Kupmanija.